Where In The World Is Stewartstown?

You may have never heard of Stewartstown, or maybe you’re from here, but either way, do you know about all the cool activities we have in our area?

Stewartstown is centrally located. Only a few miles from the Maryland line and a few miles from Interstate 83, which can take you just about anywhere on the East Coast. That makes Stewartstown the perfect in-between town. Settled in rural Pennsylvania, our B&B is just outside of town, with farmland to one side and woods to the other; our family has lived here for Generations. Bill and I built the B&B on the hill above the one-room schoolhouse we raised our children in. While the schoolhouse is no longer there, the road we live on is named for it, and Bill’s shed still sit’s across from where it stood.  That’s just our history, but our area has a lot more to offer.

Still standing in York, PA are houses dating back to the founding fathers. York served as the temporary capital of the Continental Congress. The Articles of Confederation was drafted and adopted in York.

A short trip to Gettysburg and you’ll see the history of the Civil War. Where Lincoln stood and delivered the Gettysburg Address. Both areas employ reenactments throughout the year.

In Stewartstown, the Historical Society has worked to restore the train station. They do occasional train rides, throughout the summer and during holidays. After you’ve ridden in the old train car, walk to Southern PA’s favorite local gas station, Rutter’s, or stop at the locally owned ice cream shop Summer’s for a refreshing treat.

Fresh Green Tomatoes!

It’s summer at Back Porch Bed and Breakfast and you know what that means!! Gardening!!

My favorite time of year is when I get to work in my garden: digging in the dirt, planting new flowers and vegetables. Then I get to sit on the porch swing and admire all my husband and I’s hard work.

In the veggie garden, Bill’s planted tomatoes. We love tomatoes around here, so we always plant some. Last year, my granddaughter, Rachel, bought me Sam Marzano tomato seeds. They’re the kind of tomatoes that all the Chefs on Food Network were raving about, and I ended up with so many seedlings I was giving them away! But they were fantastic tomatoes. We even canned some for the winter months. Sometimes, my daughter and I make our own salsa or pasta sauce.

So when you next visit the Back Porch, ask if we’ve any homemade pasta sauce left or for some fresh fried tomatoes!